KISS 2014 Special

We are currently offering KISS, and would like to extend the below Terms & Conditions.

    Written commitment letter to the terms and conditions (as listed below), to be e-mailed to SAC, signed by company’s owner/Owners on company’s letter head.

    You are an Interconnect Company, Not a Consultants, or Software house.

    Your activities include Selling & Servicing Telephone Equipments.

    You will use KISS for your company’s own operation in one location only,

    You understand and agree that KISS software is SAC’s property, not yours at any time.

    You will not sell or give the software for a price or free, for use or testing to any other body (Company or individual).

    You will provide SAC with a monthly progress and evaluation report of the KISS software performance, and it is effect on your operation,

KISS 2014 Special

One user: $3,850.00
Four users: $5,850.00
Eight users: $11,850.00
Twelve users: $17,850.00
Sixteen users: $23,850.00

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