The introduction of the software in Midcom immediately improved our efficiency and has allowed us to use far fewer staff than would otherwise be required.

Because of cutbacks during the recession it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for us to run the operation professionally and keep our customers satisfied without the efficiences the computer system afforded us.

I cannot envisage running an Interconnect company without having the support of this software, it certainly makes life a lot easier.
Roy Jones

AT & T

I would like to thank you and congratulate your organization one more time for the support offered to us this past year.

Thanks to SAM which we installed in 1993, we have achieved increased productivity, better inventory control, prevented loss of revenue due to unorganized departments and organized and followed the P&L status of our service contracts - as well as - establishing costing systems and maximizing profitability on all our product lines.

But the most important area that SAM helped with was increasing customer satisfaction since the system provides with a wealth of information to help us better serve our customers.
John Dourekas

Alaska Communications Systems

In 1994, in the course of selection software for CPE sales, ATU hired an independent consultant who scoured the market and found SAM to be the most comprehensive package available for interconnects activities.

The SAM software has performed to our expectations and as represented by SAC. ATU's specific requests for enhancements are reasonably priced and delivery is expeditious compared to most other software suppliers.

In addition, ATU appreciates the routine software upgrades that are free with SAC's maintenance program subscription. We have found the SAM software is very easy to administrate and SAC's customer service is superb. Our down-time has been minimal thanks to quick response from SAC's help desk.
Van Abbott


We are getting close to our second year-end using the software platform designed by your Company and I thought I would put in writing a few observations.

The main reason that we chose to use your software was the thought given to the telecommunications industry and we have not been disappointed.

The support has also been excellent, with any required changes being done in about a weeks time. Some of the changes were even done the same day and sent over the data lines directly to our file server!
James B. Broderick (CFO)


The experience that we have had using the SAM software has been a delight. Before choosing SAM we did a lot of shopping and testing of software. We did not find one that fit our needs quite like the SAM software.

The tech support that we have received from Sherif and staff has always been supportive of our needs and time schedules. Many changes have been made to accomodate our unique form of business. Staff of SAC has always been polite, and helpful within a timely mannger.
Jan Yonge

BTS Communications

Thanks to SAC's support team, the migration turned out to be very painless. SAC has provided guidance on the project, led us through each major step, converted our old data, provided comprehensive training, and simply was always there to answer our never-ending questions.

We have found SAM easy to learn, provides accurate and relevant reports, and in short, a great tool for us to manage our business.
Chi Mak

Warwick Communications

Since installing SAM software, we have experienced, positive results in the operations department, financial department, and most importantly service of our over 4,000 customers.

SAM software has allowed our operations department to quickly enter orders, track orders, dispatch orders, and bill the orders on a timely basis. We quite often have invoices to customers within two days of work being completed. Before SAM, many times it was weeks before invoices would be generated. You can imagine how we have improved cash flow.

Also, automating our maintenance contract procedure has been a blessing. Having the system keeps track of additions to a customer's equipment record, and to automatically issue maintenance contract invoices has saved us numerous labor hours. SAC's technical supports have always reacted to technical questions on an immediate basis. Also, we appreciate the numerous software changes made per our request over the last three years.
Tom Grassi


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