SAC Inc. is the leading developer and supplier of productivity-enhancing Interconnect Software. Our applications include:

  • Quotes
  • Installations (New & Mac's) Work Orders
  • Tracking Site Detailed Installed Equipment
  • G.M.A. (General Maintenance Agreements)
  • Service Dispatching
  • P&L Analysis
SAC has been a member of the North American Telecommunications Association since 1989.


Dec 1, 2013

KISS software
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May 5, 12:00pm

KISS (Keep Interconnect Software Simple) has been released.
KISS is the most complete, smart, simple, easy to use, inexpensive, interconnect software.

For detailed information, please click here.

April 19, 12:00pm

SAM (Service and Accounting Manager) version 2.3
has been released. With this comes 28 new features.

April 14, 9:00pm

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