KISS (Keep Interconnect Software Simple) is a software package, designed with you in mind. It's development was driven with the goal of being the most complete, inexpensive, interconnect software system, designed specifically for the Telephony Industry.


IDM (Interconnect Dispatching Manager) is a complete integrated software system for small to mid-sized businesses, designed to improve your customer service, minimize your inventory, speed up your billing cycle, enhance your AR collection, automate quotes and orders, service contract processes, enhance sales-rep. and technician performance, increase your profitability, pointing out the areas that need improvement, where you are loosing and making money (Equipment or Customers), provide accurate timely information.


SAM (Service & Accounting Manager) is a completely integrated on-line system, encompassing the service distribution and financial operations of the telephone/intereconnect business and associated businesses that service and sell to other markets such as: faxes, voice mail, call accounting, mobile, photocopiers, alarm systems and computers.


We can explain SAM and IDM to you only so much. The best way for you to understand the flexibility and power of SAC interconnect powered software is to go through a personalized, live demonstration, at no charge.