KISS uses state of the art, relational database technology. KISS is modular and is available in stand alone and network versions. It will run on most platforms and can be integrated with any accounting package of your choice.


SAC representative reported that: "SAC will have KISS available to the interconnect Industry as of January 2009".
SAC's representative added:

We know that all Interconnect companies, especially during our current economical situation, are looking for ways to reduce cost, increase profitability, and improve it's customer satisfaction. They want to have up-to-date information available to make best possible educated decisions.
That can be easily achieved by having KISS.
KISS is priced very inexpensively (One User $3,850.00).
KISS is designed specifically for the interconnect industry underlining ease of use.


  • Easy to customize to meet your specific security and business environments.
  • Entering and modifing Quotes/Proposals.
  • Automatic calculation of Quote/Order Estimated required labors.
  • Assigning Different prices according to item status (New, MAC's, Refurbish/Repaired, or Used).
  • Automatic transfer of accepted Quote to become an order.
  • Enter new and MAC's installation orders.
  • Billing installations deposits and several stages.
  • Automatic update to Accounts Receivable
  • Offer Leasing billing.
  • Track order costing and profitability.
  • Update Customer-Site detailed installed equipment, and warranty dates.
  • Track and Update technician's truck-stock inventory.
  • Report all On-Hand inventories for all warehouses and technicians.
  • Record incoming Service Calls Requests.
  • Assign service requests to technicians.
  • Track service requests labor by technician.
  • Billing completed Service Requests.
  • Automatic update to Accounts Receivable.
  • Track customer-site warrant and GMA status.
  • Track service requests profitability.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and billing for GMA General Maintenance Agreement.
  • Automatic update to Accounts Receivable
  • Complete Customer activity and profitability Analysis.
  • Accounts Receivable