SAM uses state of the art, relational database technology. SAM is modular and is available in stand alone and network versions. SAM runs on almost any platform. SAM can integrate with any accounting package of your choice.


SAM uses an easy to use, proven, menu-driven approach. SAM never leaves you guessing. Service calls are handled smoothly from the on-set to completion to the generation of an invoice. Accounts Receivable, Customer Files and Equipment Information Files are all updated automatically.

SAM generates a bill of materials for key system units making order entry a breeze. Phased billing handles rentals, leases and cash sales to your specifications.


SAM Tracks equipment sales and your files are always up to date - tracking new, refurbished or used equipment sales, as well as, the MAC price along with GMA and Warranty data.

SAM displays - at a glance - what equipment your customer has through a single inquiry. SAM tracks trunk lines, extension numbers, hunting lines, serial numbers and locates equipment for single and multiple sites for each customer.

SAM efficiently tracks Maintenance Contracts - indicating terms, level of service & equipment covered.
SAM does all these things and much more. We invite you to experience SAM on your own PC, via the internet.

Request a demo and go on-line with live support using the actual software. Experience is the best teacher and we invite you to experience our software first-hand.