P & L Analysis

Improving customer service
Reporting profitability by: sales order, service call, maintenance agreement, customer site, etc.
Increasing profitability, pointing out areas that need improvement (e.g. staff, equipment, customers)
Tracking revenue and profitability

Accounts Receivable

Tracking COD, credit limits, over-due and on-hold accounts.
Enhancing AR collections
Updates customer records with invoices, db-notes, payments and credit-notes
Printing monthly customer statements, aging reports, sales-tax reports, and collection reports

Inventory Control

Reporting material requirements according to available inventory, min. safety stock, and future orders
Controlling inventory by warehouse and technician truck stock, for new, refurbish, and used items
Minimizing main WH and technician truck stock inventory


Monitoring warranty expiration dates, and suggesting service contracts amount according to detailed installed equipment by customer site
Automating service contract process (warranty, GMA customers, and T&M customers)
Billing (monthly, quarterly, and yearly)
Monitoring service contracts profit and loses
Reporting renewals prior to contract expiration dates


Reporting (printing) on all business activities:

Customer's, inventory parts, installed-sites, installed systems, sales-persons
Sales-territory, orders profitability (new, Mac's), Service-calls (open and closed)
Quotes and prospects, service-technician performance

Online Inquiries

Displaying required data by:

Customer, customer-site, system, sales-rep., sales territory
Order, service call, quote, service technician

Service Dispatching

Recording service-calls, dispatching, and billing service-calls
Updating customer installed detailed equipments, AR, inventory, technician performance/time-card
Recording customer site detailed installed equipments, and trunk-lines, hunting info.
Reporting service problem reasons and frequency, by customer, service technician, and system type

Human Resources

Updating technician performance/time-card
Tracking and reporting technician installation, service, travel, administration, time

Installations (New & MAC's)

Billing new, move, add, and changes orders, updating A/R, inventory, and site installed equipments
Speeding up the billing cycle
Updating customer installed detailed equipments, accounts receivable, inventory, and technician performance/time-card
Assisting sales staff, by reporting customer activities dates, types, and revenue


Assigning prospects to sale-representatives
Reporting call back due dates
Producing quotes, calculating required labor to ensure profitability
Automatically converting accepted quotes to orders